R3 Key Features

  • MVC Structure

    MVC - "Model - View - Controller" design allows an unlocked coding approach with quick production times and inter-changable themes / design.

  • Intergrated Control Panel

    Purpose built control panel with live updates for users, messages and errors. Including powerful core functions for files, images, email and more.

  • Email & Newsletter

    Handle site messages, send email and control your site newsletter production and distribution.

  • Flexible

    Designed for customisation to fit individual business needs when required. Themeable to offer easy changes to look and feel.

  • Analytics

    View in real-time visitor information via our control panel or see detailed Analytics through our hostings control panel.

  • SSL Included

    Our hosting plans come with SSL included, we make sure you don't have to worry about peepings eyes when it comes to passwords and admin related work.

What we do best

Graphic Design

We can offer a full Graphic Design service for your business or personal needs, from Logo & Branding to flyers and adverts. Need more information? Get in-touch to see how we can help.


We offer a wide range of hosting plans to meet most needs for the small business. If you need advice or are unsure we have years of experience in providing Top quality hosting and can steer you through the jargon.

Content Management

Add that news story, article, competition or blog easy with our software. Not only does it handle the text, but can also help crop that awkward shapped image automically to fit. Turning a novice to a ninja is our aim, fill in the blanks with titled inputs, upload an image that is resized, renamed and stored and click save. Simple.

Full responsive

Our sites and control panel look equally at home on your phone, tablet or desktop computer. With responsive design your site will resize to fit any compatitble device so that it is usable by the largest audience possible.

Fast, Reliable & Cost Effective

Our hosting plans offer Fast Connection, 99.9% Uptime and a Cost Effective all-in-one sollution for your hosting needs. We provide the Space, Email Accounts, SSL Security and Many Many More GREAT features which are all included in one great price.

Invention & Inivation

The core of our software is made by us, we believe in keeping as much as possible in-house so that we know our product inside out. We know, control and make each and every key feature and pass our knowledge to our clients. You can rest assured that if you have a problem or a question we know our own software.




Currently powered by R2, our previous content management system. Shropshire mums crisp and vibrant site attracts over 1000 hits per month and has a growing community and thriving social media scene. It is currently awaiting a face-lift and upgrade to R3, giving it more power and automation for certain tasks.

  • A vibrant and active online magazine with growing features.
  • A large upgrade is in production.

Our Senior Team

Heather spent many years working in sales, working her way up from junior sales, to senior and then to sales manager. She has had various sales roles ranging from UPVC windows to radio and has always been a leading sales & marketing professional in each market she has entered. Heather now runs several small businesses in this sector and has combined her life's interests with a growing number of successful businesses. Heather likes a challenge and is not afraid of tackling any project, she excels in making what seems impossible, great.

Heather Ireland
Owner & Head Of Sales

Robert is passionate about his level of geek, he believes it takes a true nerd to be so committed to making sure that everything keeps ticking nicely on as many devices as possible and that only someone nerdy as he, can find it so interesting where a div is displayed between devices. He has spent over 15 years on bespoke website design and building every part from scratch, this means he is the defacto knowledge when it comes to our software. Robert likes to look at your project and find ways of making it tech magic in ways that you have not even thought of...

Robert Ireland
Software Developer & Graphic Designer

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